Lifehack Digest for May 9

  • The Alternative Productivity Manifesto
    Clay at the Growing Life rants about the emergence of productivity as a hobby — and the increasing demands placed on workers to be productive.
    Tags: gtd productivity hacks anti-hacks
  • Six Career Tips
    Jeremiah Owyang shares his advices which could help you grow and achieve the career goal you want.
    Tags: career planning
  • So Much to Do, Not Enough Time!
    Mark Evans’ take on how to deal with the notion of not-enough-time.
    Tags: productivity time overwhelmed
  • Stuff-onomics: Hidden Side of What You Own |
    “I’ve learned so many life lessons in the past few months, and I’ll start to share them with you over time. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned is how little we actually need. How little we need in order to be happy.”
    Tags: simplicity organization clutter
  • Startups Wiki: Ask YC Archive
    Great deal of advice for startups grouped by subject.
    Tags: startup entrepreneurship
    Send up to 2GB file without registering.
    Tags: storage email
  • 7 Ways You Can Stop Wasting Food And Help Save The Earth
    “An introductory list of habits you can develop in your life that will help you to stop wasting food so as to save money and be environmentally friendly.”
    Tags: environment health
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