Lifehack Digest for May 1

  • Common Cooking Mistakes | Food :
    “An innocent error can easily lead to a disappointing dish — here, how to prevent overcrowded pans, recipe missteps, and more”
    Tags: food cooking
  • Men’s health downloadable workout videos
    Four free workout videos by Men’s health. Need to register in their site in order to download though.
    Tags: exercise workout video
  • Streamline Your Financial Life | Reader’s Digest
    “To help you spend less time managing your financial life and more time enjoying it, we asked a number of experts for pointers. Here’s a checklist of their best advice.”
    Tags: finance money life
  • HOWTO: Auto-quit Printers in Leopard – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
    Fix the annoying behavior in Leopard where the printer queue app does not quit after the print job.
    Tags: leopard mac osx

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