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Lifehack Digest for January 8

  • How do I hack the information overload of shopping?
    Over in our forums, gpg poses an interesting question: Now that the Internet has put so much product information within easy reach, how do we handle it all and still find time to buy and use stuff? Pop over and give us all a hand with your advice!
    Tags: shopping information internet
  • Don’t Play Office, Just Play
    David Moldawer of LifeClever describes some of the pleasures of “fiddling” with our productivity systems when we should be getting work done so we can play. He offers a highly stripped-down, simplified approach to daily priductivity to help.
    Tags: gtd productivity play systems
  • Simply Get Things Done Course – from 0 to Productivity in 10 simple steps
    Michael Sliwinski, the founder of online 1GTD app Nozbe, is writing a 10-part series on GTD. There are 7 posts up, with 3 more coming. As you’d expect, his tips are heavily focused around Nozbe, but even if you don’t use it, there’s lots to use here.
    Tags: gtd productivity web-apps

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