Lifehack Digest for January 25

  • Tasko
    A new online task manager with an interesting concept — lists are kept in plain text for swapping back and forth from your desktop.
    Tags: gtd apps webapp tasks productivity
  • 5 Challenges of Working From Anywhere And How To Overcome Them
    Geared at freelancers, these tips should apply to anyone — students abroad, travelers, mobile businesspeople — who needs (or wants) to travel. Covers how to stay connected and stay focused just about anywhere in the world.
    Tags: freelance work mobility travel
  • John Rambo’s Solutions to 5 Everyday Office Problems
    How would Regional Account Executive John Rambo, ex-POW and general butt-kicker, respond to common office problems like an intern stealing his lunch or a bad performance review? Find out at ToplessRobot.
    Tags: humor office
  • It Takes only 7 SHORTCUTS to Become Lightning Fast User
    Great overview of good, quick shortcuts in several programs. Some I knew (CTRL-T to open a new tab in Firefox, for example) and some were totally new to me (scroll wheel click to open a link in a new tab).
    Tags: shortcut, efficiency, productivity firefox

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