• 5 Time-Management Tricks
    Marci Alboher at the New York Times offers 5 simple but effective time-management tips: tame your email, minimize meetings, make interruption-free space for yourself and your work, work around your own hythm, and learnto say no.
    Tags: productivity time_management tips email
  • 7 Ways to be a better delegator
    Penelope Trunk offers tips to overcome the control-freak in all of us that makes it hard to delegate work to others — even when we’re *supposed* to! She ties the fear of letting go to perfectionism and unclear priorities — and even a little selfishness.
    Tags: delegation leadership productivity
  • Use DocSyncer to back up all of your Office Documents as Google Docs
    Business Hacks points to new app DocSyncer (still in beta), a program that runs on your PC to sync your local documents with Google Docs, allowing you to work on the same documents either locally or online. Suddenly Google Docs is even more compelling!
    Tags: webapps google word_processing documents online

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