Lifehack Digest for December 11

  • Make A Pocket-Size Dry Erase Board — Video
    Lifehack reader Black Velvet Monkey made this great video about turning an index card into a pocket-sized dry-erase board, and expands the idea in some useful and creative ways.
    Tags: indexcards hack dry-erase gtd productivity
  • 365 (or so) Merlin Mannerisms · The Cranking Widgets Blog
    WWMMS? (What WOuld Merlin Mann Say?) Find out with this page-a-day “Merlin Mannerisms” calendar from Cranking Widgets. Download the PDF for free or order the “super-cheap printed version”
    Tags: gtd quotes merlinmann calendar
  • 10 Free Mini Apps–Perfect for a USB Thumb Drive
    WEbWorker Dailylists 10 tiny little apps, perfect for adding to your thumb drive “office” or just for running quickly and efficiently from your hard drive.
    Tags: apps tools
  • 7 Mistakes to Avoid for the GTD Beginner
    Al at Productivity in Context lists seven great tips for newcomers (and, to be honest, some of us old-timers) to the GTD system.
    Tags: productivity tips gtd newbie

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