Life hacks on Movie Making Equipment


Want to hack out some equipments for your home video? How about a Camera Stabilizer, a Track Dolly and a Lens Hood for your Camcorder?

With some cheap parts, you can create those equipments for yourself. I especially like the camera track:

Camera Track Dolly

Making a Track Dolly: To attain some degree of professionalism with shots you often need a smooth tracking shot because simply panning the camera looks decidedly amateur. A dolly that runs on wheels is not that expensive to purchase but it really only of any use on a smooth indoor surface. The only way to get smooth tracking shots outdoors is to use a dolly that runs on rails that can be laid down over rough terrain to get that shot you really need.

Using wheels at 45 degrees By mounting sets of wheels at an angle, they will not only run on a smooth surface but will also run perfectly on most types of tube too. Our simple to make PVC tube dolly uses inexpensive skateboard wheels to construct a dolly that will run on most tubes from 25mm up to 100mm and is simply and cheap to build too…

Movie Making Equipment you can make easily at home – [Softweigh Multimedia]

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