Life Hackers Conference 2005 in Japan


After received some referred visitors from Japanese blogs and sites, I started to look into some Japanese blogs and sites (not that I understand Japanese, but I can guess some of the contents and links). Surprisingly, they actually have a great community on life hacks.

Last month they had their fifth conference on lifehacks. It is all about productivity and tips on speeding up life.

I am quite exciting to see their organization on such conference on lifehacks and it will be definitely interesting to see if any other countries have any similar meetings.

Thanks to the fellow Japanese bloggers who link to so that I can able to touch base with lifehackers around the world on this news.

UPDATE: I have included a link to Google’s machine translations. It is a bit funny but you will get a idea on the content. :)

Agenda and minutes on the conference (Japanese) – (Google machine translated page)
Life Hackers Conference 2005 (Japanese) – (Google machine translated page)

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