Today we’re launching the latest addition to the Lifehack family: Lifehack Lessons, a premium resource for your life hacks.

Lifehack Lessons is a library of hacks we’ve assembled that are made in a easy-to-follow format. Essentially, Lifehack Lessons enable you to add useful tips on a variety of topics that we cover over at Lifehack – such as:

  • Communication
  • Lifestyle
  • Management
  • Money
  • Productivity
  • Technology

All of these tips are designed and delivered to help you manage or change your life as a whole for the better. You can scroll through our growing library of lessons and subscribe to those that interest you (or that you know you really need to work on) and easily manage them as you go. Progress is tracked as you go through each task – so you can check in anytime you’re working on a particular lesson and see how you’re doing. Each lesson is self-directed, and contains additional elements such as downloadable content and relevant links to help keep you moving through your lessons — and with an arsenal of resources at your disposal.

To get you started off, here’s a lesson on how to set up a basic productivity system:

As part of this launch, we’ve made this lesson free to subscribe for the first 7 days, simply sign up for it within the first 7 days and you can use the lesson whenever you please.

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We would like feedback on Lifehack Lessons, as well as what lessons you’d like us to offer, additional features you’d like to see and any other suggestions, requests or concerns you’d like to share. We’re going to be releasing more lessons regularly, so give Lifehack Lessons a test drive by signing up and let us know what you think. Please leave your comments below…we’d love to hear from you!

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