Lessons in personal productivity from Diet


Dwayne Melancon has written an article on how he learns personal productivity from his diet. He used a diet program called Zone Diet which managing his hunger through portion control, planning, and maintaining a balanced diet. He referred all of those aspects into personal productivity point of view:

… Planning: Success favors the prepared
With The Zone, I can resist the temptation of junk food because I always carry healthy snacks. I also spend more time planning what I buy at the grocery store, and choose restaurants that will provide me with options compatible with my diet.
With personal productivity, I follow David Allen’s advice and spend time doing (mostly) weekly reviews, I resist the urge to waste time by bringing my Read & Review folder and other optional work with me in case I get stuck in some kind of delay, I listen to audio books in the car, and use other techniques to make the most of my ad hoc time. I’ve also become more mercenary about accepting meeting requests – so I can choose meetings that are more compatible with my time management goals…

What my diet can teach me about personal productivity – [Genuine Curiosity]
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– [Zone Diet]

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