Leon Ho, the brains, heart, and guts of Lifehack.org, has a mistress. He’s also creator of the gorgeous-but-useful Listible site. I thought I’d show you a sampling of the useful LISTS users create over at Listible:

So, not only does Leon toil away making Lifehack.org a damned good place to get resources and insights into productivity and life improvement tips, but he’s got a whole army of people creating lists of great stuff that you and I can go and check out as well.

Oh, and Leon’s responsible for all the hard work it took behind the scenes to get our new podcast launched. I did the easy part by recording an interview with a top-shelf author. He had to do all the sweat and gears to deliver it to you. (Oh, and subscribe to that podcast. There’s a weekly dose of stuff you want to hear on there. No, you don’t need an iPod. Yes, you can listen to this at your desk- I’ll talk with your boss. Yes, you can email this to friends. Yes, you can even record little mp3 snippets and send us links to them to use in our shows. Email: tips at lifehack dot org).

But I digress. Hats off to Leon Ho: dedicated and passionate to the community he serves.  (Now, give me that $20 you promised me).

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