Lectures Work Against the Brain


Talking solely on the subject matter is not enough for learning, that’s why lecture usually does not work for our brain. Dr. Ellen Weber highlights this main idea in the article “Lectures Work Against the Brain”. She suggests number of quick tips to facilitate the learning – either use stories to provide the context, or/and use humor to link daily lives to related concept:

… Brain based teaching works with one neural area and then moves to another. Engage learners with one or two stories to provide a context, for instance. Ask two-footed questions to engage participants’ interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. This non-lecture approach activates and prepares other cognitive parts of the brain for storing new information.

Facts can be digested easier when humor links learners’ lives to related concepts. Access multiple ways of learning, and the brain begins to reinforce new concepts, the way people learn best…

Lectures Work Against the Brain – [Brain Based Business]

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