Lecture Podcast for Your Audio Self-Development Program


Productive Strategies has a list of universities which are making lectures available as podcasts. Those are pretty cool additions to your audio book listening schedule. But as you know, the quality will be varies as usual, so try it out and see what you enjoy and is value-add:

… Several universities are making lectures available as Podcasts. Not every class is going to make a great podcast, but the content directed toward people who want to learn and not just be entertained. Of course the flip side of this is that some of the professors are boring in person, to say nothing of listening to their recording. You may need to look around to find someone who is interesting to listen to, but once you find the right feed, you have a tremendous amount of content regularly published for entire semester.

You can subscribe to a class and set iTunes to download new lectures, sync them with your iPod, automatically delete them once you’ve listened to them. This is a great way to expand your education without spending the time required in a traditional class…

List of Academic Lecture Podcasts – [Productive Strategies]

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