Layered Desktop with a Wallpaper


Your desktop maybe full of icons. You need to spend at least 10 seconds to find the application you want to run, or 5 seconds to find the work-in-progress document. Look no further on an easy solution. Gabriel Radic has came up a great idea to organise your icons on desktop in groups, by using a wallpaper.

Layered Desktop

You can use it to organise your icons in groups, just like how you organise your desk. There is a paper area for your work-in-progrss stuff, an aluminum plate for personal projects, a wooden desk yet-to-be-categorized stuff, and post-it for high priority items.

The image works well with displays up to 1440px wide and up to 1024px tall, in either standard or wide aspect ratios. If you have a bigger screen, I hate you :-)

Get the clean dark version here or the light version here.

Download the wallpaper and set it as your desktop background. Make sure you use centered layout.

Layered Desktop in use – [Gabriel Radic @ Flickr]

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