Law of Lost Attention


In Scott Berkun’s recent article, Attention and Sex, Scott urges us not to spread our attention. In modern society, everything tends to grab our attention, we are trained to be multitasked. However Scott says how we spend our attention changes the value of what we spend it on:

… The danger of misguided attention is this: how we spend our attention changes the value of what we spend it on. If you participate in potentially intimate activities, like sports, conversation, or non-casual sex (meaning both emotionally and physically intimate), treating them with split attention, will inevitably make them non-intimate experiences. Like a flower that doesn’t get enough water, an intimate experience can only grow to the depth and quality of the time given to it. If you only spend a fast food amount of attention, you will never have a 5 star dining experience (See Slow food movement). The same applies to everything: relationships, talents, experiences. Fast food (and sex) can be fun, but they’re unlikely to be fulfilling if that’s all you have. They work best as counterpoints to deeper, slower, more wonderfully intimate things…

He then talks about how to reclaim attention by needing less that you have on stuff that grab your attention. Stop spreading your attention on something that has little or no value, so you can use your attention on something worthwhile. Bunch of great thoughts throughout the article.

Attention and Sex – [Scott Berkun]

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