Laptop screen protection


Dwayne Melancon came up with a good idea to protect laptop screen. He uses a rubberized shelf liner to make a pad between his laptop’s screen and keyboard. This makes a pretty good cushion on preventing scratches when on the move:

Laptop Protector

For quite some time I’ve used a 3M Privacy Filter for my laptop screen. It keeps prying eyes from my seatmates away (useful when I’m doing things like studying budgets, dealing with personnel reviews, etc. on planes).

The problem is that these privacy filters get scratched up over time since they rub up against my laptop keyboard (to a lesser degree, my laptop screen got keyboard-shaped scratches and wear marks even before I used the privacy screen).

Last year, I came up with a lifehack that helps prevent this. I used that rubberized shelf liner stuff to make a pad to go between my keyboard and the screen. It not only adds a bit more cushion to protect the screen, it also prevents those scratches…

Lifehack: Laptop screen protection – [Genuine Curiosity]

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