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organize the kitchen how to

Not exactly everyone’s most organized area, even if your computer desk is a GTD haven. If you are lucky enough to be one of those people who cooks, a well planned kitchen is bliss.

WikiHow has the run down of 8 steps to getting things in order and a few tips to keeping it that way.

Organize according to how traffic and activities do flow, not necessarily according to how they should flow.

If you choose to put spices near the stove, make sure they will stay cool and dry. Heat and moisture will spoil the flavor, and you will have to replace them much more often.

Do you have a “junk drawer” or other catch-all area in your kitchen? If so, why? Take a good, critical look at its contents. Consider giving it a specific purpose and definitely throw out any junk that’s not needed!

Pace yourself. Unless you’re just moving in, don’t try to organize an entire kitchen all at once. You’ll just scatter stuff all over and get frustrated. Instead, go one drawer, shelf, or cabinet at a time.

Iron Chefs, now do battle.

How To Organize A Kitchen – [wikiHow]

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