Jimmy Olsen Lives On


A week or so ago, I wrote The Power of Jimmy Olsen, about the “support cast” in our lives, and how we must not judge everyone by the same scale. Jon from the Levite Chronicles ran with the article and created a follow-on post, “The Care and Feeding of Jimmy Olsen.”

My piece only identifies the Jimmy’s and the reasons they’re great. Jon’s piece tells you what to do with them.

Jon says:

Even as I was reading that post, a Jimmy Olsen walked by my office and another was sitting two offices down. What characterizes both of these people…and Jimmy, is that they don’t try to be superheroes, they just do what they were made to do and do it well.

He goes on to give five ideas on how we should take good care of our personal Jimmys. I encourage you to take a look.

The Care and Feeding of Jimmy Olsen – [Levite Chronicles]

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