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Controlling iTunes remotely is pretty useful and sexy, especially you play music on your stereo through Apple AirPort Express. You may use to bring along your laptop around in the house for just controlling the AirPort Express’s music feed – but that may not be the case anymore for some of you if you have a Palm with WiFi. Jeff Reifman over Idealog has come up with a good idea on using your Palm to control your iTunes. His solution is using VNC software called PalmVNC to remotely control your desktop:

iTunes on Palm

… With the release of the Palm TX, I felt comfortable that PDA-based WiFi had evolved enough as a VNC-capable device. So, I installed RedStone’s VNC server and tried it out with my PowerBook as a stand-in remote. The VNC server had improved since I last tried it…so I went out and bought the Palm TX. (You can set the VNC server to run at startup, so it’s always-on.)

On the TX, I installed PalmVNC, a $10 Euro shareware Palm-based VNC client. The TX is very quick about connecting to a wireless network. For the most part, it works quite well. Here are a couple of pictures of the TX controlling iTunes as a remote…

Using the Palm TX as an iTunes Remote – [Idealog]

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