Is He Following Me?


First of all I would like to thank Leon, Chris, and the crew for inviting me to contribute. I’ll try to keep my work up to the high standards they have established.

I work a great deal with deviant behaviors, both as a counselor to the perpetrators as well as the victims. So, I get a chance to look at things from both sides of the spectrum.

This bit focuses the facet of that spectrum known as stalking and how to protect yourself from it.

Here is the nitty gritty on stalkers.

  1. 87% are male
  2. 80% are white
  3. 50% between the ages to 18 and 35
  4. Most are above average intelligence
  5. Most have above average incomes

Here is the “how come?”

  1. Simple obsession stalking
  2. Love obsession stalking
  3. Erotomania stalking
  4. Vengeance/terrorism stalking (most dangerous to business persons)

Here are your pro-active self defense steps.

  1. Record each contact or suspected contact (log book incident documentation , captains log )
  2. Keep a digital camera on hand (guilty people hate to be identified)
  3. Keep a cell phone with preprogrammed emergency numbers
  4. Maintain an unlisted home number (this is tough as a lot of us do business by phone)
  5. Provide colleagues with a photo of the stalker and a description of their vehicle
  6. Alert key people (law enforcement, office security, employers) of the situation

— Reg Adkins

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