IQ and Self-discipline


Congnitive Daily has an article which talks about the IQ and Self-discipline. We know IQ is directly related to our achievement. But do you know self-discipline may have impact on achievement as well?

… Both IQ and self-discipline are correlated with GPA, but self-discipline is a much more important contributor: those with low self-discipline have substantially lower grades than those with low IQs, and high-discipline students have much better grades than high-IQ students. Even after adjusting for the student’s grades during the first marking period of the year, students with higher self-discipline still had higher grades at the end of the year. The same could not be said for IQ. Further, the study found no correlation between IQ and self-discipline — these two traits varied independently…

Self-discipline is pretty important to our achievement, or even more important than IQ – as the research indicates high-discipline have much better grades than high-IQ students.

High IQ: Not as good for you as you thought – [Congnitive Daily]

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