Interesting Software to use Noise to mask Noise


Blackhole Media has written a software for Mac OSX which it claims to “drown distraction”. The software plays a signal called Pink Noise, which is “natural” to our ears, can mask background noise to help you concentrate. Here is a big background of pink noise:

… In the natural world, there are many physical processes which produce noise with what is known as a “pink” distribution of power. “Pink” noise has an even distribution of power if the frequency is mapped in a logarithmic scale. A straightforward example would be that there is as much noise power in the octave 200 to 400 Hz as there is in the octave 2,000 to 4,000 Hz. Consequently, it seems, our ears tell us that this is a “natural” even noise…

Interesting Idea. Anyone has Mac OSX to try this piece out?

Noise – [Blackhole Media]

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