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Over at Lifehack.Community, Klaas Naaijkens has introduced a good steps on setting up offline reading of feeds in bloglines to Palm! He introduced a application which is pretty useful, called Sunrise, which can convert websites and RSS and Atom feeds for offline reading on your handheld, then you can view it with a ebook viewer in Palm called Plucker (or Vade Mecum in PocketPC):

Sunrise desktop

Finally organized with bloglines and my palm. In my quest to minimise my distractions when I am doing a task, I went from endless surfing, to preloaded tabs in firefox, to bloglines, and now to offline reading of bloglines on my palm. Even in bloglines I was distracted by all the information on my screen, especially if I have to click through the RSS feed to read articles on some site. But now I have found some peace.

But now three times a day, I open sunrise, update the bloglines link, sync to my palm, close my pc and read. Takes me about a third of the time I needed before, without blocking my creativity and learning as I can open a memo in my palm with one click. Now I use my browser only for tasks which I clearly define beforehand, and I can still use bloglines as before, just that those articles that have been transfered to my palm have been marked as read…

Klaas also wrote a script to run through bloglines pages without clicking the links which should be pretty useful. Thanks Klaas!


Please share your comments and experience on this setup at Lifehack.Community.

Finally integration between bloglines and my palm – [Klaas Naaijkens @ Lifehack.Community]

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