Instant iTunes Zen with FM3’s Buddha Machine

Instant iTunes Zen with FM3’s Buddha Machine

A little while ago I came across the Buddha Machine by FM3, a Beijing ambient duo.

What they’ve created is a little box that plays a series of short ambient tracks over and over to create that nice little place of portable Zen. They look great but I wanted one for my computer while I work.

Luckily, FM3 have, available for download, uncompressed versions of the 9 audio loops they use up on their site.

Now all you have to do is load the files into iTunes [or any media player] and hit both the Shuffle AND Continuous button [once] to get an instant and random ambient experience for as long as you like!

Don’t forget to set Crossfade time to full so those nice sounds overlap lovingly.
DOWNLOAD LOOPS – [FM3 Buddha Machine] Via [43Folders]

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