Sushi Otaku has an instructional post about the etiquette and proper way to eat sushi. I must admit, when I saw the title, I froze. “There’s a right way to eat sushi?” I’m sure I’m in the wrong. But let’s find out.

While there really are no absolute requirements, other than general politeness, there are certain behaviours that may make your dining experience more pleasant, and the staff more attentive and interested in you. While some of the tips to follow may be obvious to some, I hope that they may offer some insight to those who love sushi, but perhaps only have it occasionally.

This is a really well-considered post with lots of information for the casual, or even the power sushi eater. So, get your wasabi, roll out your seaweed, and get into sushi!

How to Eat Sushi – [Sushi Otaku]

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