How to Use Your Moto Q Effeciently


Chad Gniffke is a Moto Q user and he has figured couple of great ways to utilize his cellphone. He covered quite a lot of areas, such as email, key information, calendar, virtual earth, weather, blog reading, media, and use Camera for ScanR. The post will be a good help if you have Moto Q:

Over the past month I have been grinding away on my new Moto Q by Motorola through Verizon’s network. My goal has been in pursuit of utilizing this new device to it’s fullest by replacing any and all things I carry with me on a day to day basis as well as add a few more bits of information to my arsenal. Here is a list of how and what I am using it for:

Email: Utilizing the Exchange 2003 Server Active Sync wirelessly and it has been working just great. I have had speed issues with my device when I sync my 2000 plus contacts so beware of this if you are a contact hog like myself…

How to Use Your Moto Q Effeciently – [Moto Q]

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