How to take lecture notes


For students: Taking good notes in lecture is your initial step to learn and prepare for your exam and assignments in school. wikiHow has an extensive how-to on preparing yourself to take notes, and also how to revise them. It has some quick tips as well:

# Collect notes for each course in one place, in a separate notebook or section of a notebook.
# Write notes on one side of the page only.
# Use a loose-leaf notebook rather than a notebook with a permanent binding. See the pattern of a lecture by spreading out the pages.
# Use two pieces of paper, one as a draft, and one as your final notes or use the Cornell Notetaking Method to organize the revision and review of your notes.
# Enter your notes legibly because it saves time. Make them clear.
# Box assignments and suggested books so you can identify them quickly.
# Mark ideas which the lecture emphasizes with an arrow or some special symbol.

How to Take Perfect Lecture Notes – [wikiHow]

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