How to take a better photograph


By looking at Kelly Abbott’s photos at Dandelife company blog, I can say they are pretty impressive.

The article introduces number of ways to take some great photos, even if you only have your cheap camera. Shoot from hip, no flash, and I especially like the tip on photograph kids:

As an adult it’s always a challenge to photograph kids. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind. Kids love it when you’re on their level. Get down on your hands and knees and shoot upwards toward them. They love it. Same is true of most adults, although they rarely admit it!

Don’t waste your breath making kids behave for the photo. If they are doing things in a photo that you would let them do anyway, what’s the harm? If they’re being goofy, let them be goofy. You’re not a wedding photographer, so don’t worry about losing your job. You’re not stuffing a portfolio – you’re capturing the moment. Look at it this way. In twenty years you’ll have an embarrassing photo for the kid to boot!

How to take a better photograph – [Dandelife blog]

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