How to Stop Worrying


Anxiety Culture has an article called How to Stop Worrying which talks about worrying is a learned and conditioned behaviour in the modern days. It also discusses what are the obstacles blocking one to stop worrying. So how to overcome your worry? – The article suggests a trick that can postpone your worries, so that you get into habit on not worrying in the present:

… The trick is that whenever you feel plagued by a worrying thought, note it down on a “worry sheet” (a piece of paper set aside for the purpose) – you can then forget about it, knowing that you plan to worry later.

This deceptively simple technique is effective because it bypasses the psychological obstacles mentioned above. Your mind is “fooled” into thinking that you haven’t given up worrying. Meanwhile, you lose the habit of worrying in the present moment…

Very interesting article (with fun site design). Worth a read.

How to Stop Worrying – [Anxiety Culture]

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