How to Start Walking for Exercise


After the previous article on finding time for exercise, I promised myself to use the stair instead of using elevator, and at least walk couple of minutes per day. Recently, I have found WikiHow’s how-to has pretty useful tips on on helping you to start a walking program for exercise. I found these helped me a lot: Pace yourself from easy and increase your time on each session, and learn my maximum pulse rate.

7. Seek to learn your maximum pulse rate (it depends on your age, not your weight) and try to keep your pulse at 65-75% of your pulse rate. If you are under it, you are walking too slow; if you are above it, you can, if you wish, slow down. Again, weight loss and aerobic health will come through sustained effort, not by speed or distance.
8. Try interval training where you walk for two minutes then rest for two minutes. Every day or two add an interval until you reach your desired goal of total time, including rest periods. As you become fit, reduce your rest periods until the rest periods are gone.

How to Start Walking for Exercise – [WikiHow]

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