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How to Start a Business without Money

There’s a great post over The Lazy Way to Success about how to start a business without money. Fred Gratzon shows you that all you need is not money, but is your knowledge and passion on the business. He have bootstrapped two businesses from no business experience and knowledge on the field, to being successful on the business and expert on the field:

… When I started my first business, which was an ice cream company, I had no money, I had no business experience, and I had absolutely no idea how to make ice cream. Five years later, my ice cream was judged to be the best in America by People Magazine. (See April and May 2005 archives of this blog for the whole delicious story.)

What drove the growth of my business was the growth of my knowledge of ice cream. And what drove the growth of my knowledge of ice cream was my love for the stuff.

When you start a business, what must lead the way should be your own interest in or love for whatever it is you want to do. Loving what you do miraculously attracts all the necessary resources, people and opportunities. You definitely don’t need money to start. Bootstrapping will stimulate your creativity and that is worth much more than money anyway…

How to Start a Business without Money – [The Lazy Way to Success]

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