Daniel Hoy at careerone.com.au runs through a few do’s and do not’s for giving your boss the slip.

  • ALWAYS advise a supervisor before telling other staff members.
  • IF YOU are nervous, speak to your HR department, friends or family, not colleagues.
  • ASK your manager how they would like you to communicate your resignation. They may like to be the one who lets the rest of the staff know.
  • DO NOT resign on the spot. Have a think about it and prepare for your resignation.
  • SUBMITTING formal written notice of your resignation takes place once the meeting with your supervisor has occurred.
  • YOUR written notice should be short, polite and to the point.
  • CONFIRM your intentions to leave, referring to the date and time of your discussion with your manager and the day you intend to finish work.

I have never done any of these the right way, does that make me a bad person?

If you don’t want to burn bridges and keep your resume in tact, I suggest reading through this article. One thing they don’t teach you in college is how to write one of these.

Smart way to say: I quit – [CareerOne]

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