Responsiveness in replying emails is a good attribute to have. Realistically, everyone has an overloaded mailbox, so it is hard to maintain a consistent responsiveness. Itzy Sabo has found a way to reply emails within 24 hours consistently. He used a quick 2 steps to move the emails into a special folder called ‘reply’, so that you can sort them out from the clutter of inbox:

1. Need to reply but don’t have time right now? Drag the message into a special folder, entitled “Reply”, that holds all the messages that need replying to.
2. Schedule a couple of times a day, every day, in which to crank though the Reply folder, during which you shoot off the necessary answers and file the messages elsewhere.
If you don’t have time to formulate a reply to a complex or time-consuming issue, use this method to keep the other side’s faith until you get the chance to reply.

How to reply to all email messages within 24 hours, consistently – [Email Overloaded]

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