How to rebuild your laptop battery


I like laptop, I can bring it to everywhere for online and doing my work. However it is not great when it is used for one or two years and its laptop battery life will usually be shorten. We can replace it but laptop’s battery is usually expensive. What are the solution? Replace the battery cells in the laptop battery ourselves! Engadget has a how-to guide on how to rebuild your own laptop battery:

Laptop Battery Rebuild

… So what do you have to do? Well it’s not too complicated, you just have to basically replace the individual cells inside of the battery casing. Ever have an R/C car and you had to buy those $20 battery packs at Radio Shack for them? Well if you take a close look, it’s usually just 6 batteries saran-wrapped together with a proprietary plug. Same goes for these laptop batteries…

HOW-TO: Rebuild your laptop battery
– [Engadget]

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