How to Print kGTD (from Omni Outliner) onto Hipster PDA


If you use Mac OS X and have a software called Omni Outliner Pro, you may be using kGTD as your GTD organizer. But if you used to paper organizer like Hipster PDA, how do you ‘sync’ them up? Best way would be print it directly to a 3×5″ index card. Chris Marsden has good piece of instruction on configure Omni Outliner Pro to do that. If you are doing both kGTD and index card – give it a try:

… I tricked the printer, that’s what. I told it I was printing on a 4×6 (which my printer will handle) and then I set the top and left margins to .25″ and the bottom and right margins to 1.25″. I started doing this in Word, copying and pasting stuff in and out using a few scripts off 43folders, but then I discovered Kinkless. WooHoo!!!! (imagine me screaming that at the top of my lungs. You probably can’t imagine that since I hardly ever scream, but try)…

Kinkless and my Hipster PDA – [Chris Marsden]

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