How to print DIY planner Hipster PDA with International paper size


Punkey at What’s the next action has a good post on how to print out the DIY planner Hipster PDA version by A Million Monkeys Typing using International standard paper – in this case the index card A7 size.

… We use the A-system (or whatever it’s called) and we have indexcards in A7 size. Or A6, whatever you prefer. A7 equals to 74×105 mm which comes to 2,9×4,1 inch. So the templates are too big. I was too lazy to fire up Fireworks and sort out how to resize the templates, so I just changed the printersettings to print the PDF’s in a proper size. So to all Europeans who want to print the Hipster templates, here’s the trick…

How to print the DIY planner in Europe – [What’s the next action]

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