Many hackers want to get funding from angels or VC with their ideas – but chances are it is pretty hard to know what to present about. Paul Graham, an investor, has written a good piece of advice on how to present in front of investors. Advices range from what to present – how to speak well – specific elements that can give investors a good information and impressions:

  • Explain what you’re doing.
  • Get rapidly to demo.
  • Better a narrow description than a vague one.
  • Don’t talk and drive.
  • Don’t talk about secondary matters at length.
  • Don’t get too deeply into business models.
  • Talk slowly and clearly at the audience.
  • Have one person talk.
  • Seem confident.
  • Don’t try to seem more than you are.
  • Don’t put too many words on slides.
  • Specific numbers are good.
  • Tell stories about users.
  • Make a soundbite stick in their heads.

How to present to Investors – [Paul Graham]

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