How to poach an egg


It’s Sunday morning, let me share with you a lifehacks on how to poach an egg so that you can enjoy your breakfast with a perfect poached egg. Rob Manuel at B3TA have listed four methods of how to poach an egg and its results with pictures. If you are hungry now, you should scroll to the end and look at the award winning method! :)

How to Poach an egg

I love eggs. Scrambled, soft boiled, hard-boiled, fried, or an omelette, I’ve yet to find a way of serving an egg that I didn’t fundamentally think was wonderful.

And yet I haven’t eaten a poached egg in 15 years.

Why? Fear. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of “stringy egg soup”. Fear of stinky vinegar stinking up the house.

So I thought to myself, “surely there’s a website that’ll give me advice on the perfect poached egg?” …

Features: How to poach an egg – [B3TA]

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