Create a budgetAnother day, another Lifehack Lesson! This time, instead of teaching you how to be creative, how to develop your own apps, how to get more productive, or how to stop become mindful with a meditation practice, we are jumping into your finances. Well, you will be the one jumping into your finances by creating a simple budget and learning some powerful rules to make you more financially independent. Not to mention, you will gain a peace of mind knowing that your money is in order and accounted for.

This Lesson will be available for free for a limited time and after that period you can purchase a subscription to Lifehack Lessons for only $4.99 a month. The subscription will give you access to all future and previous Lessons.

Here is a little bit about today’s Lesson:

When most people think of budgets they imagine long hours of crunching numbers and then the inevitable feeling of being trapped by how much they can or cannot spend on something. This type of attitude towards the all powerful budget has really given this form of financial analysis and tracking a terrible name.

But, budgets don’t have to suck!

Use this Lesson to learn about budgets, why they are an awesome tool, and how to use one to make you more financially fit. Also, learn the Rule of Thirds and how to spend all your money no matter what.

How to Painlessly Create a Budget to Get Your Finances in Order

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