How to manage kids in the Home Office


For readers who is working from home and have kids, this is a pretty good article for you. For parents who usually get distracted by your young ones, home office may not be the most productive place for you. Mike Gunderloy at Web Worker Daily suggests 8 ways to manage your kids, to maximize your productivity. Two best tips in my opinion:

Adapt to their schedule: Many of us enjoy web work because of the flexibility it offers to set our own hours. Particularly with younger kids around, you may have to give up some of this flexibility to their needs. If there’s a part of your day that requires the utmost concentration, schedule that part during their nap time, or after their bedtime, or while they’re off at school (assuming that you’re not trying to juggle homeschooling into the mix as well). Working slightly crazy hours is a much better outcome than yelling at kids for acting like kids when you’re trying to enforce absolute silence.

Don’t be afraid to set limits: You’re the parent, remember? If you don’t want the kids taking things off your desk, say so, and enforce it. If you need a few hours a day with the door closed, and then start visiting hours in the afternoon, go for it. The key is to find the balance that works for you, so that you can have a successful career and raise children, while enjoying all the benefits of web work. If you’re like most web working parents, you’ll discover that the smiles

and hugs make it all worthwhile.

How to manage kids in the Home Office – [Web Worker Daily]

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