How To Make a Ductster PDA


Want a suggestion for your DIY session on your weekend? How about making a case for your Hipster PDA? David Meadows has written a how-to guide on how to create a case using duct tape. Depending on your choice of colors, it is pretty fashionable (Just like the Duct Tape Wallet). Here are the instructions by David on how to use the Ductster PDA:

Ductster PDA

… in my current configuration (which is subject to change), I use the right ‘open’ pocket for index cards with the ‘next actions’ I hope to accomplish today (because I’m a teacher, I have a number of repeating items that I have to do on specific days … I’ve created some ‘templates’ in WordPerfect for these days and have printed out a number of index cards for specific days). So, if today is Monday, I have my ‘Monday Card’ on the right, plus any other cards/next actions I hope to deal with on Monday.

The left ‘open’ pocket is for the next day’s ‘template’ (which usually gets filled as ‘today’ progresses) followed by a bunch of blank index cards and a few other templates (e.g. checklists for each class for homework checking purposes; cards for contact with parents, etc. … not too many, mind you — I have a bunch of these in a small basket in my desk; they’re in the Ductster just in case I need to access them when I’m not in my room).

The ‘big closed pocket’ on the right is where cards go when I have completed the action. I review them at the end of the day to make sure I didn’t miss anything, run a big line through them and toss them into a basket so I can use the other side for another task). On the left side go cards with templates for larger tasks (I try to fit all the steps of a project on one card; I’ve made a template for that too) that I can chip away at as I get time…


How To Make a Ductster PDA – [The Atrium]

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