How to Hold a Profitable Garage Sale


Holding a garage sale is the best way to clean up your house on stuff that you are not going to use – best of all you can convert those stuff to some considerable money. If you want to sell your items as profitable as possible, eHow has some good tips. For instance:

  • Schedule your garage sale with payday in mind, typically the first and 15th of the month. People are more likely to splurge on a treasure with a fat paycheck in their pocket.
  • Make sure there’s an electrical outlet or heavy-duty extension cord accessible so shoppers can test electrical appliances.
  • Give your neighbors a courtesy call beforehand to warn them of your sale. They’ll appreciate it, and may even have some stuff to add to the sale.
  • Donate whatever is left to a charity that has a pick-up service.

How to Hold a Profitable Garage Sale – [eHow]

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