How to Have a Business Conversation


Most of the time, small-talk conversation is required for networking in the corporate world. It requires a lot of practice, but having couple of tips to get started will speed you up with the progress. Ben Stein at Yahoo! Finance did a nice piece on how to have a business conversation:

  • Begin by knowing that the people you’re talking to mostly want to talk about themselves.
  • Establish common ground.
  • Say kind, generous things to your conversation partner.
  • Keep your comments brief.
  • Get back on common ground again as soon as you can.
  • Don’t brag unless you do it in a funny way.
  • Unless you’re specifically asked about it, don’t talk about religion at all.
  • The same goes for politics.
  • If you talk about current issues, do so in a genial, friendly way.
  • Make whatever points you need to make in a hurry, and then leave.

Having a common ground can create a very good ground for building a friendly relationship and lead to many different topics to talk about. I recommend to begin with asking them many question on their background, and find the something in common.

How to Have a Business Conversation – [Yahoo! Finance]

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