How To Give A Great Presentation


D. Keith Robinson over To-Done has written a good piece on stuff you need to know to give a good presentation. Are you stress when you speak in front of public? Are you nervous during presentation? I used to be exactly like that. I set myself some goals and practice. I also read and listen some book such as 10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking

which give me a great overview on how to be sucessful in presentation.

In addtion, read Keith’s tips and practice. I found the tips about giving the presentation is quite useful:

* Think positive.
* Tell stories. Stories will get your idea across much better than charts and graphs and numbers. They also have the added benefit of helping to engage your audience.
* Don’t read your slides. They should support what you are saying, not be what you are saying. The same goes for your notes.
* Keep your intro short and strong. People want to know who you are, but they also want to get into the meat of your talk. A quick, solid and clear intro is better than a meandering joke or list of accomplishments any day. Changes are most people in the audience know a bit about you already.
* Keep it slow and steady. Pause when you need to take a breath, you’ll think better.
* Don’t agonize over mistakes, and don’t say your sorry. Keep confident and if you mess up—move on.
* Pause to let strong ideas sink in. This can be hard to remember, but your audience needs time to absorb and take breaks too!

* Smile, joke and laugh if appropriate. A little humor can go a long way, but don’t over do it.
* Learn from your mistakes. I know that I learn a little every time I get up and speak.
* End strong. Make your finally crisp, clean and powerful.
* Be prepared for interruptions and questions. If you are doing well, you’ll have lots of questions.

How To Give A Great Presentation – [To-Done]
10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking

– [Audible Audiobook]

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