How to get that perfect shave


It’s weekend, time for another lifestyle tips. Every man wants a perfect shave on the morning, but it really depends on the day. Sometimes you get better with the razor, somedays you are out of luck and get cuts. I really hate razor burns, even if I use aftershave cream after shaving. Corey Greenberg has made a FAQ for answering some usual questions coming from us, and described in detail on the wetshaving technique:

Q: What is “wetshaving” and how is it different from the way most men – and women – shave today?

A: Wetshaving is just what the term implies – keeping your face (or for women, their legs) wet with plenty of hot water before, and during, the entire shave. In fact, you should always shave after a hot shower, not before (if you need to shave without taking a shower, washing your face with hot water for a few minutes will suffice). With a layer of hot water between your skin and the lather, the blade skims the surface instead of dragging on it, which is the main cause of irritation, redness, and “shave bumps”.

Some of the information are quite common and well known, but others are pretty useful and fresh for me.

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