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How to get songs off your iPod with iTunes

iPod is cool and nice, but sometimes the inflexiblity of restoring my MP3s is troublesome. MP3Buzz has a how-to by using iTunes, you could get your songs off from your iPod. This is pretty handle where you have lost your copy on the PC and want to restore them:

3. Now we are ready to go find our music on our iPod.
After hidden files are visible, you should see a new folder in your iPod. The folder name is Ipod_Control, and should look greyed out. Note: All hidden folders are greyed out, in order to distinguish hidden files from non-hidden files. Enter the Ipod_Control folder and click on the Music folder. Here you should see a bunch of folders that have F00, F01, F02, etc… Each folder contains about 50-70 songs. If you click on one of the folders you can open it and see that your music is there. The only problem with this music is that it is all renamed to random letters and numbers which I will get back to…

This tip is handy because you do not need to download any third party software – all you need is your iPod and iTunes!

How to get songs off your iPod w/ iTunes – [MP3Buzz]

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