Lisa Lerer at Forbes has a short article on how to get people to trust you in a short period of the time. This is a pretty good hack in term of business, because usually your customers or contacts will not be your friends or know you for a long time. The article includes bits and pieces on different situations:

… The same idea applies in different business cultures, which often have their own lingo, says Malhotra. Several years ago, an airline invited a bunch of consulting firms to bid on a contract to build a new, high-tech ticketing system, he recalls. Everyone at the meeting was using the word “lifts.” Feeling lost, a representative of one firm asked for a definition. The room fell into silent shock. A lift, it turned out, was the standard industry term for a paper ticket. The firm obviously didn’t get hired. If you don’t understand industry terms and acronyms, says Malhotra, you won’t seem trustworthy…

How To Get People To Trust You – [Forbes]

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