How To Get Free Stuff At Trade Shows


Free stuff? I think everyone don’t mind some free stuff. I wasn’t realise trade shows can get more than some backpacks and drinking bottles. John Chow shows you some of his tips on getting free stuff at trade shows. I am drooling over the photo that John took – he got things like 1GB flash drive, 2GB RAM and watch etc. This alone makes me to read his article. He introduces number of ways:

  • Ask For The Free Stuff
  • Attend The Press Conferences or Product Demos
  • Make An Appointment
  • Crash The Parties
  • Walk The Show Floor On The Last Day
  • Get A Media Pass

As far as I can predict, going to companies party and media pass have higher chances to get freebies. I wouldn’t think company will give out 2GB RAM that easily, unless they know you’re going to promote for them. :)

How To Get Free Stuff At Trade Shows – [John Chow]

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