How To Get Bumped Off Your Flight On Purpose


Sometimes you feel lucky if the flight is overbooked and you are bumped to next available flight. Why? Usually you will get a free hotel or free flight voucher to compensate for the inconvenience.

Did you know that airlines regularly overbook their flights on purpose? It’s all a numbers game, and perfectly legal. They know that statistically a certain percentage of people will not show up on time. The result is that every so often, everyone will show up on time and they will have to to bump passengers onto later flights. By law, they must compensate you if they do this, and they also ask for volunteers before forcing anyone to be bumped. You usually get about $200-$400 credit or a free flight voucher, in addition to a confirmed seat on a later flight. They don’t mind; Extra passengers are really cheap for them, as they simply take up seats that would be empty otherwise.

My Money Blog shares his tip of getting onto the bump list. The key is to book a ticket in a full/nearly-full flight, check in with a human and ask to be put on the bump list.

Not sure how effective is this tip, but worth to try it next time you travel if you are not in a tight schedule.

How To Get Bumped Off Your Flight On Purpose – [My Money Blog]

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