Jeff Patch got some good ideas on fixing his PowerBook’s stuck pixel, by using the method of playing color flashing video for the Sony PSP, and massaging the affected area:

… I ran across a color flashing video for the Sony PSP. I used the same video to try and fix my first PSP, but it didn’t work. I figured it was worth a shot though. I let it run for about 30 minutes to no avail. I also read about massaging the area so I gently rubbed the spot a little but that too did not do anything.

Last night I decided to let the video run on a loop while I slept (you can do this in Quicktime). I set it up and figured I’d rub the spot a little bit. This time I used my Monster iClean cleaning cloth instead of my dirty finger. I massaged the area for about 30 seconds while the video was flashing and the pixel started working perfectly…

I have read it is not unusual LCD will have stuck (or bright) pixel. So knowing those two methods will be handy.

You can download the color flashing video on his site as well.

Powerbook Stuck Pixel fix – []

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